Graphic Design and Branding

Graphic Design and creativity is an investment for any business, an expense that if researched properly and treated with the same prudence as investing in property or the share market can reap great rewards. Creativity is a unique talent which when combined with well executed design and production skills enables a business with a powerful communication and promotional tool. All too often businesses make the mistake of compromising the promotion of their business by placing an emphasis on price rather than the power of an original idea. Printing, signwriting, websites and advertising is simply the end product of design.

If you want to communicate effectively with your customers and potential clients your business needs to have:

Apollo waters graphic design feature specs sheets, billboard signage, logo design, website design

There's more to brand design than a logo

A striking and unique corporate identity/logo
Consistency and continuity in your logo usage
A comprehensive business and marketing plan
Commitment to your business’ success

As a consultancy we coordinate entire projects, from concept through to completion and can orchestrate teams of professionals in a variety of fields to ensure the best quality finished product within the budget constraints of the client. Many business people are under the misconception that graphic design services are expensive, but in reality your marketing and promotional dollars are wasted if you don’t communicate a consistent message.

Only qualified, professional graphic designers can create quality communication with the continuity of the corporate image. Mandurah Graphics are members of the Australian Graphic Design Association with over 25 years of serving the Mandurah business community and hundreds of satisfied clients who would all confirm the value of good design and professional project management.

Good Design is an Investment for your Business

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