Successful marketing is one of the most important aspects of business success. Our approach to marketing and advertising is that is should form part of your overall business plan. We recommend our clients undertake comprehensive business planning including SWOT analysis, market segmentation, setting objectives, budgets and business direction before it is possible to implement any marketing plans. Our philosophy is that advertising is only the icing on your marketing cake and that successful promotion of your business must be done using a consistent message throughout your entire campaign, from print marketing to website and search engine marketing. Most importantly we research key centres of influence for your business and give recommendations on the best way to utilise your budget in order to maximise business through those channels as well as finding ways to attract new customers.

Advertising Services

Design, Creative Copywriting & Proofreading
Marketing Consultation & Booking Media
Creative Advertising Campaigns for Print, Radio & Television
Website Banner Ads & Animations
Print Management & Signage
Press/Newspaper & Magazine Ads
Multimedia Campaigns
Social Media Marketing
Photography & Videography

Less is More

It’s a big mistake to book advertising space without knowing if the publication is right for your business. Many businesses also make the mistake of thinking bigger is better, or more information crammed into the ad will result in more leads or higher sales. To gain greater impact from your advertising the visual appeal of your ads are more important than the size or the frequency. Your ads need to be noticed and the information digested by your target audience.

Our design team create original advertising concepts and appealing advertising layouts designed to appeal to your target audience. We can also storyboard and art direct photography, videography and illustration to add impact to your advertising. In addition, we have creative copy writers, marketing consultants and proof readers to ensure that your ads are of the highest quality and that you get the best possible response for the media booked.

Mandurah Graphics design creative copywriting and proof reading

The Marketing Mix

Every industry has different characteristics and every business has different needs so there is no formula for marketing that works for every business; anyone who tells you different will be undoubtedly trying to sell you something (usually advertising space). However, by monitoring where your customers found your phone number you can easily find out where to direct a large amount of your campaign budget. This is only one part of your marketing mix and the remainder of your budget can be spent in a variety of ways depending on what you wish to achieve.

Our marketing consultants have the expertise and experience to advise clients on the best marketing mix to suit their needs, goals and budget. Our consultants can book your entire campaign to ensure that your marketing budget has the optimum effect and our design team will ensure that your ads have a lasting impact and deliver a consistent and professional message.